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Our Story

Peter and Denise Clark standing in the vineyard at Altipiano

How It All Started...

     Peter and Denise met on June 6, 1990 and married one year later, on July 10, 1991. The two met through an Ad Peter placed in the San Diego Reader. A few years ago, the couple was featured as their longest success story, celebrating 28 years of marriage. Peter and Denise have been involved with many businesses, from operating a nationwide Department of Defense freight business to owning a hotel/restaurant in downtown San Diego. Denise's career started with her serving in the US Air Force for 6 ½ years and subsequently working for the Federal Government at the Department of Defense in Human Resources, retiring June 30, 2012.

     The Clarkes began searching for another homesite in 1997. They searched all over the county but never found that magical place. One day, Peter had out his maps and said there are two roads he wanted to explore in the Highland Valley area. The second street was Camino Del Aguila, and the rest is history. The two always talked about having a vineyard, and the 2007 wildfires made it a reality.

Denise (Left) & Peter Clarke (Right)

A New Beginning

     After the wildfires, the couple was trying to figure out what they would do with the land now that the avocado farm was gone. Little did they know, Denise would have the talent and go on to achieve great success as the winemaker. Denise believes that making wine is like creating and composing a symphony. Each year, mother nature creates the story and as the winemaker, it is Denise's job to create the best interpretation of the varietal. She hopes to always be a student of the vines and continue to serve as its conductor and enjoy the Music of Wine.


     Peter and Denise believe to join the company of fine wines is a privilege and a commitment that we approach with passion and humility. Nature provides the path, life provides the energy and tradition provides the journey. Join us in pursuing the perfection that leads us all to experience the music of wine.

Denise Clarke standing in the vineyard at Altipiano

Altipiano Vineyard's Winemaker, Denise Clarke.

Sunset view of Altipiano vineyard showing the vast vineyards

Our Vineyard

     Peter & Denise have watched their diamond in the rough turn into an amazing paradise for all to enjoy. They share the little farm with their daughter and her husband, their four grandchildren, 3 dogs, 6 cats and until last year the couple were proud owners of Llamas. It seems as though all of their previous life experiences were preparing the couple for this amazing journey.

We hope to see you all at the vineyard soon!

Peter & Denise Clarke

Altipiano Vineyard

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