Our Story

Peter and I met June 6, 1990 and married one year later on July 10, 1991.

We met through an Ad Peter placed in the San Diego Reader. A few years ago,

we were featured as their longest success story. Peter and I have been

involved with many businesses from a nationwide Department of Defense

freight business, owning a hotel/restaurant in downtown San Diego and my

working as Peter’s paralegal in his law practice.


We began searching for another home site in 1997. We searched all over the

county but never found that magical place. One day, Peter had out his maps

and said there are two roads he wanted to explore in the Highland Valley area.

We didn’t see anything on the first road. The second was Camino Del Aguila.

The rest is history. We had always talked about having a vineyard and the

2007 wildfires made it a reality. We have watched our diamond in the rough

turn into an amazing paradise for all to enjoy. We have two beautiful daughters

and an amazing granddaughter. We share our little farm with 3 Llamas,

3 dogs, 2 cats and now an assortment of chickens. I love the different roles

Peter and I share working the vineyard. It has truly become a labor of love and

we look forward to the next chapter yet to be written.


To join the company of fine wines is a privilege and a commitment that we approach with passion and humility. Nature provides the path, life

provides the energy and tradition provides the journey. Join us in pursuing the perfection that leads us all to experience the music of wine.

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